Largest Automotive WordPress Theme with Exclusive Feature Bundle

CarSpot the name itself is great enough to get the complete flexibility with Premium WordPress Theme for Car Dealer. Because of its multipurpose use and versatility it is possible to make a flawless Auto Dealer website including easy customization options with no coding knowledge offers a drag and drop interface with wordpress.

The Best Theme for Automotive Business is designed with polished layouts to showcase any vehicle advertisement on website. CarSpot Car Dealer Theme  is perfectly suitable to make Auto repair shop, garages, car dealership show rooms, bike and boat selling companies, motor accessories and any product selling business website.

In this article we’ve discussed Some of the main functionalities that makes Automotive wordpress theme unique among all, have a look.

  1. Bump up Ad

    Bump Up Ad

    As i mentioned above, site owner can post ads that could be in any vehicle website. But most importantly the owner can let its visitors (sellers) to post their advertisement as well. He/She can get paid by letting user bump up (push) their ads means their ad will show at top of the related category.

  2. Category Based Pricing

    For complete demo watch this video

    How to Set Category Base Pricing in Carspot Car Dealer WordPress Theme

    How to Set Category Base Pricing in Carspot Car Dealer WordPress Theme

    Sellers can choose from different pricing package options related to specific category after subscription they can post ads.

  3. Seller Rating And Badges

    seller badges
    In this amazing feature Buyer can rate seller after purchasing item and then admin can give badges to the seller according to its rating.

  4. Complete messaging system

    car dealer theme

    Seller can send or receive messages on their ads they will also receive email and notifications, this is two type of communication that let buyer to communicate with seller with message or via phone number.

  5. Car Comparison

    automotive theme

    CarSpot integrated amazing feature called car comparison in which Buyer can compare two diff vehicles whether its car bike or boat in terms of rating, price and performance including engine type, fuel type, vehicle model and security.

  6. Intelligent search

    car wordpress theme

    Most Convenient way to facilitate your user with live search suggestions

    there are many other functionalities as well, we will discuss them in future articles so stay tuned
    Make sure you look at its live-preview.⏬

    For purchase please click on the following link
    👉  Auto Dealer WordPress Theme


6 most important features to look while looking for an Automotive WordPress Theme

Car dealers looking to bring their business online will need specifically designed Automotive WordPress Theme to obtain all functionality and features. If you looking for WordPress Auto Dealer Theme but, can’t decide to buy the right one, the features below will be useful for finding the best Automotive Themes.

Automotive WordPress Theme

The features mentioned below will help you find the right theme to convert your WordPress website into a perfectly made automotive website having all functions and features. Customers looking for the above features in paid theme will be able to pick the best theme without any problem. Any theme with the below features will become an ideal one for any king of automotive website.

  • Simple interface: Most of the modern themes are user friendly and include features which can adapt to different screen sizes. The theme should be focused on showing the automotive and all their features

Wordpress Car Dealer Theme


  • Advanced search to pin point automotive: Search with various filters is a must have in all the themes. A modern Premium WordPress Theme for Auto Dealer like Car Spot offers search options with ability to apply multiple filters. Always pick the theme with advanced search to gain maximum benefits and let customers find what they are looking for.
  • Customer Buyer interaction: The buyer interested in buying a particular car should be able to contact the seller without any hassle. A good theme for automotive WordPress website offers the ability to let customers interact with seller right from the website.
  • Ability to show car specific details: The theme should be able to show all car details in the right manner on a specified position to let the customers easily look for the specifications of the car before choosing the right one. CarSpot provides the option to show every small and large details of car at the specific position.

Auto Dealer Theme

  • Sponsored and features listing: A good auto theme for WordPress website allows the owners to accept featured listing entries and promote the specified car at the sponsored area. Good themes provide pre-added option to let website owners easily add promoted or sponsored car listing.
  • Lifetime feature updates: Almost all the developers keep updating their WordPress themes with new features and functionality. Paid themes like CarSpot are being regularly updated with new features to keep the website updated with new & attractive features which will generate additional user interest in your website. Additionally, choose a theme which offers long time security updates to keep your automotive business website safe from malware and unwanted things.

If you are looking for a fully-customizable and advanced WordPress Theme for Automotive business , CarSpot is your perfect option which offers extensive list of features at a small price. It is undoubtedly the best car theme for website owners looking to get into online automotive business.

Develop your Car Dealer Website with these Simple & Easy Steps

Today I am going to show you how to develop your Premium WordPress Theme for Auto Dealer with simple steps in an easy way through Automotive WordPress Theme. In this article you’ll find all the answers of questions that blow in your mind while deciding to start a business website.

Car Dealer Theme


Initial Research: First you need to make an initial research of your new website. Let us consider that you want to develop a Car Dealer WordPress Theme for expanding your car business online. Keep in mind these tips:

  • Assess current website & social pages
  • Review current analytics data & trends
  • Examine competitor websites
  • Identify new website’s purpose, objectives & audience
  1. Scope

Just Make sure the scope of  WordPress Theme for Automotive business mentioned below before starting your development process otherwise it will may create problem in the in future for your site.

  • Identify required technical functionality
  • Define technical scope
  • Document scope in detail
  1. Architecture

Before making any proper architecture design, keep in mind these steps:

  • Assemble & classify content types
  • Define content hierarchy & flow
  • Create page outlines for main pages
  • Create sitemap & architecture
  1. Wireframe
  • Establish a visual hierarchy & placement of content
  • Lay out home & main pages using a responsive grid
  • Produce a static or live wireframe
  • Test & revise as needed
  1. Design
  • Review client’s brand standard
  • Identify colors and font
  • Determine overall visual feel
  • Using wireframes, design homepage
  • Design main pages based on approved homepage
  • Create visual assets like buttons, call to actions, etc.
  • Produce illustration or photography if needed
  • Make a final design files & visual assets
  • After complete mockup design of your website it’s time to select wordpress Classified ads theme and purchase it from secure source
  1. Development
  • Setup CMS (i.e. WordPress) and install your car classified theme that you select in design phase
  • Activate theme & page templates
  • Install & configure needed plugins
  • Program any custom funstionality
  • Customize back-end
  • Migrate content including, text, visual & attachments
  • Add links & functionality to content
  • Proofread & edit where required
  1. Testing
  • Test performance on different devices & platforms
  • Track and correct bugs
  • Conduct user testing
  • Optimize & adjust as needed
  • Assign user roles & train client on CMS
  • Launch the website then

Hope the above steps will help you more in developing your car dealership website by using most attractive Car Classified Theme of wordPress.