Largest Automotive WordPress Theme with Exclusive Feature Bundle

CarSpot the name itself is great enough to get the complete flexibility with Premium WordPress Theme for Car Dealer. Because of its multipurpose use and versatility it is possible to make a flawless Auto Dealer website including easy customization options with no coding knowledge offers a drag and drop interface with wordpress.

The Best Theme for Automotive Business is designed with polished layouts to showcase any vehicle advertisement on website. CarSpot Car Dealer Theme  is perfectly suitable to make Auto repair shop, garages, car dealership show rooms, bike and boat selling companies, motor accessories and any product selling business website.

In this article we’ve discussed Some of the main functionalities that makes Automotive wordpress theme unique among all, have a look.

  1. Bump up Ad

    Bump Up Ad

    As i mentioned above, site owner can post ads that could be in any vehicle website. But most importantly the owner can let its visitors (sellers) to post their advertisement as well. He/She can get paid by letting user bump up (push) their ads means their ad will show at top of the related category.

  2. Category Based Pricing

    For complete demo watch this video

    How to Set Category Base Pricing in Carspot Car Dealer WordPress Theme

    How to Set Category Base Pricing in Carspot Car Dealer WordPress Theme

    Sellers can choose from different pricing package options related to specific category after subscription they can post ads.

  3. Seller Rating And Badges

    seller badges
    In this amazing feature Buyer can rate seller after purchasing item and then admin can give badges to the seller according to its rating.

  4. Complete messaging system

    car dealer theme

    Seller can send or receive messages on their ads they will also receive email and notifications, this is two type of communication that let buyer to communicate with seller with message or via phone number.

  5. Car Comparison

    automotive theme

    CarSpot integrated amazing feature called car comparison in which Buyer can compare two diff vehicles whether its car bike or boat in terms of rating, price and performance including engine type, fuel type, vehicle model and security.

  6. Intelligent search

    car wordpress theme

    Most Convenient way to facilitate your user with live search suggestions

    there are many other functionalities as well, we will discuss them in future articles so stay tuned
    Make sure you look at its live-preview.⏬

    For purchase please click on the following link
    👉  Auto Dealer WordPress Theme


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